Balloon Installations

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Mini garlands are 4 feet long and made with latex balloons of various sizes with up to 3 colors of your choice...


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6 ft. Garland

6 foot organic garland made with latex balloons with 1-3 colors of your choice...


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This install includes a 6 foot white garland and the rental of our pastel fringe wall hanging....


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Extra Spark

6 ft. Garland

Mini garland is 6 feet long and made with latex balloons of various sizes with up to 3 colors of your choice and matching foil fringe...


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The Cultivated


The "Cultivated Install" is an "L" shaped garland about 16' in length...


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The Crescent Culver 


This package includes a 24 hour rental of our white 7'x7' round metal stand and a 10 ft. organic garland...


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Balloon Pillar

Balloon pillars are 6 feet tall and made with plain latex balloons and one 24" latex balloon top. Each pillar is customized with your choice of 1-2 colors and assembled on-site!


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Extra Spark

Mini Garland

Mini garland is 4 feet long and made with latex balloons of various sizes with up to 3 colors of your choice and matching foil fringe...


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Party Pair

Say hello to the party pair! You'll want these two, mini garland and balloon bouquet, to make an appearance at your party or get together! This bundles includes: a 4 foot mini garland, 10 helium filled latex balloons (sizes 11", 12" and 16"), and up to 2 jumbo number balloons.


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The Culver


This install is 8 feet long and 3 feet wide in some spots and made with latex balloons of multiple sizes (5″ up to 24”) and with up to 3 colors...


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The Egg Chair Package

The Egg Chair Package is the perfect statement piece for your next bridal shower, baby shower, or party! This package includes a 24-hour rental of our white wicker egg chair and a 12 ft. organic garland...


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The Cultivated


This install is an 8’x8’ solid wall and made with latex balloons of multiple sizes (5″ up to 36”) and with up to 4 colors...


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We offer balloon installations, helium balloons, and stand rentals! Take a look at our 2022 Balloon Catalog for details and pricing...


let's cultivate
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You know the saying everything is bigger and better in Texas? Well this Texas girl always grew up with extremely “extra” parties with balloons and streamers everywhere! My mom always had balloons for our birthdays, whether it was just immediate family or a whole shabang. We always had helium balloons at every party that we held. She had her own helium tank in the house for whenever the need would arise. Because of that balloons became a staple and they have made me happy ever since I can remember. When I learned that I could create balloon garlands I instantly jumped into watching all the YouTube videos I could. I started to create my own Balloon Garlands for my own personal parties and for my sisters' birthdays. In 2021, a complete stranger reached out and wanted to entrust me with making a balloon garland for a 1st birthday party and the rest is history! From that day on I knew a balloon installation business was something that I wanted to pursue as it gave me a HAPPY HEART. Now I get to share my love and passion for balloons with others!

Don't see an option for your event? We create customized installations!

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Important Details Regarding Balloon Installations

  • Scheduling in Advance: We highly recommend that all installations be scheduled a minimum of 3 weeks in advance if the install is larger than 6 feet. This does NOT apply to helium orders or mini garlands.

  • We Purchase Supplies: Cultivating Culver does NOT create balloon installations using balloons that the Client has purchased as this will affect the quality of work.

  • Booking/Payment: Your event is not officially booked, with the date reserved for your installation, until a 25% non-refundable booking deposit is paid and the terms and conditions are signed and received by Cultivating Culver. Individual has 3 days to pay deposit and sign service agreement; after that the invoice/agreement will be void and the date discussed becomes available to others. Remaining balance is due 3 days before the day of your event. Payments can be made using the invoice link. Payments can be made with Debit/Credit Card, gift card, cash, or check. We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, JCB, and UnionPay.

  • Rescheduling: The Client has the freedom to reschedule the installation if the balloons have not ALREADY been inflated. The Client may reschedule for any date at the convenience of Cultivating Culver. The reschedule date is subject to availability. We suggest that if the Client needs to reschedule, they include the preferred date to reschedule as well as a second choice, in the event that the first choice is unavailable.

  • Cancellations: The Client has the freedom to cancel at any time without receiving a cancellation fee if the balloons have not ALREADY been inflated. Please be aware, any and all payments made towards the booking deposit will be forfeited and considered non-refundable.

  • The Space: The Client understands that installations are done using an array of options including but not limited to command strips, removable wall mounts, etc. If there is a preference in method of installation, please inform Paloma Culver when signing the service agreement as it will need to be documented in the invoice. A photo or description of the space desired for install will be requested at time of booking to ensure that installation is feasible. The Client is responsible for ensuring that balloons are allowed in the space/venue that the installation will be installed.

  • Delivery/Travel Fee: There will be a delivery/travel fee for all installs 10 miles outside of Leitchfield, Kentucky added into the pricing for the event during the booking stage.

  • On Day of Install: A team from Cultivating Culver and/or Paloma Culver, will arrive at the venue at designated time for installation. Our team will need to unload the equipment and decorations to the designated area and set up a designated working space free from interruptions or traffic from others. Installations are assembled and installed ON-SITE. Power outlets are required for air pumps that are used to inflate balloons. The time designated for the installation will be utilized, however, any time left over after installation is complete, is not subject to discounts or refunds.

what others are saying...

"Paloma has done balloon design for both of my kids birthdays and it’s been amazing both times! All I have to do is give her my colors and theme and she runs with it. Additionally, my space was her first covered outdoor area (and in the summer); I left them after to see how long they would last, and stayed looking good for a week! If you’re like me and a mom that goes super extra for your kids birthdays, adding balloons by Paloma is a great addition and takes care of the majority of the decorating you need!!"

- Kindra J.

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"When my daughter told me she wanted balloons at her baby shower I knew I wanted something different. Not just balloons on a string. Once we knew we wanted a balloon arch we hired Paloma and the only thing we had to do was show her our backdrop. She matched everything perfectly!!! She puts her perfection and talent to work and I couldn’t of asked for anything else. It made the shower and we didn’t have to worry about many other decorations. If your wanting something unique, colorful, and will stand out at your event this is what you need. The balloons stayed up over a week and we even took some of them home and decorated the nursery!!! She also adds in other items if needed to go with your theme!!!"

- Mary G.

"Paloma is my go-to for EVERYTHING. She helped me curate my “branding kit” when I first started my business, being patient with me as we selected the best colors and fonts. She has designed every digital graphic, poster print, balloon piece, accent wall, and logo since (she was even designed the interior of my shop and living room). She is the ultimate person to have in your corner when it comes to help in any situation from a small business start-up to an event, she’s a genius and I cannot recommend her work enough."

- Morelia F., Thrift in Leitch

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