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Christmas Clipart, Coloring Sheet, Backgrounds | Free Download

Merry Christmas! Enjoy these festive clipart, backgrounds, AND COLORING SHEET! The clipart are perfect for graphics, printing, and to use as stickers on your instagram stories or reels! Use the backgrounds for your graphics, stories, or screensavers.


Christmas Digital Download - Cultivating Culver
Download ZIP • 84.43MB

Please tag @cultivatingculver on social media when sharing! We can't wait to see how you use these cozy graphics.

How to Use Clipart as Instagram Stickers:

  1. Same the images to your phone photos.

  2. Open Instagram Stories and upload/capture your background photo.

  3. Open your photos app and copy the image you'd like to use as a sticker.

  4. Switch back to Instagram and click the “Add Sticker” pop up OR click the "text" button and "copy" your image like you would wording.

  5. TADA! New insta sticker

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