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Raven ZZ | Care Tips

Isn’t she beautiful? Raven ZZ plant (Zamioculas zamiifolia Raven) brings the best qualities of a regular old ZZ plant with a black dramatic foliage. This plant is tough! Which makes it perfect for those who forget they have a plant in the first place.⠀

Fun Fact: Fresh leaves start out bright green and gradually turn black with time. It’s the prettiest thing to observe!⠀

Does best in moderate to bright indirect light, but will do fine in extremely low light areas. If the light is too intense for your ZZ, you may see some scaling (brown spots) on the leaves. Curling leaves can also indicate too much light.⠀

It’s like a cactus in that it needs less, rather than more, water. Water your ZZ Plant only when the soil is dry. Let the water drain through the bottom, empty the saucer of any water, and then allow it to dry out again. If it turns yellow it’s a good indication that it’s getting too much water and it may have root rot.⠀

ZZ Plants are mildly toxic to pets and humans if consumed.⠀

Ignore this plant and it will be happiest. Easiest plant EVER!

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