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Taco Soup

New obsession: Taco Soup, quesadilla, and guacamole.

It’s the perfect combination! You have the taste of summer from the guaca, taste of winter with the warm spices from the soup to heat your stomach, and then duh cheese and a tortilla.⠀

Taco Soup Recipe⠀

1 can red beans⠀

1 can black beans⠀

2 cans diced tomatoes⠀

2 cans corn⠀

2 tbsp. minced garlic⠀

2 packets taco seasoning⠀

1 onion chopped⠀

2 - 32 oz. chicken broths⠀

4 cooked chicken breasts shredded⠀

Sauté onions and garlic in a deep pot with some avocado oil. Rinse and drain both beans and corn. Add to onion garlic mixture. Add tomatoes, taco seasoning, chicken, and broth to pot. Let simmer 30 minutes. (I literally just throw everything into a pot and hope it tastes good.)⠀

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