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Tortellini Soup

You can say TikTok made me do it! I put my own spin on this tortellini soup I found. I replaced all the frozen and canned ingredients for fresh ones, because duh fresh is better! It tastes so good! It’s a very refreshing soup that doesn’t leave you dragging. All my ingredients are Aldi brand, because they’re the and super budget friendly!


  • Two packs herb chicken stuffed tortellini

  • 3 cups chopped spinach

  • Block of cream cheese

  • 2 vegetable broths

  • 4 medium diced tomatoes

  • Chicken and herb seasoning(or Italian seasoning, I used what I had on hand)

  • Salt and pepper

To make: Add all ingredients to a large crockpot, mix together, cook on high for two-half hours. Stir periodically and taste to adjust your seasonings.

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